These are some of my personal projects. is a productivity app that helps you keep track of the time spent with your devices.Android App available Windows desktop app coming soon.

The play store link can be found here.

Visit for more details and updates

Narada : MQTT Broker

Narada, MQTT Broker which runs on Android.

Narada is a thin UI wrapper over Moquette, which allows you to run a MQTT broker on your Android phone.

App can be found here,


An automatic bartender built using libmraa, you can use it on your raspberry PI, beaglebone, Intel Galileo/Edison

Source :

Debug Purge

Debug Purge, enables you to easily remove all the debug apps installed on your mobile during development.

Play store link :

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A simple and elegant theme for using with Lektor, a static site generator.

The theme this site is based on.

A demo can be found at

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A theme based on Material Design Lite(from Google) for Pelican based sites.

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Automatically sort your directories.(Work in progress)

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